Quadoro Supports Flood Relief in Ahrweiler

In mid-July more than 180 people died in Germany during the flood disaster which also caused billions of euros worth of property damage.

There has been overwhelming sympathy for the fate of the people affected by this catastrophe. In July, Quadoro employees supported the clean-up work in the district of Ahrweiler which was particularly hard hit; Quadoro also made a donation.

Fabian Schwarz, IT systems administrator on his involvement: "The scale of the disaster in Ahrweiler is hard to put into words and it was good that we were able to make a small contribution to the clean-up efforts."

"The gratitude of the people on the ground – and also the response from our co-workers to our efforts – shows how important direct help is," adds Tobias Reber, Transaction Manager at Quadoro.

Quadoro embraces its social responsibility, supporting both social projects and the social commitment of its employees in specific cases. Paid special leave days are available to our employees for this purpose.